Mark Jungers Discusses How to Recruit High-Value Laterals

Mark Jungers Discusses How to Recruit High-Value Laterals in Law360

In the article, “4 Ways To Bring High-Value Laterals To Your Firm” published by Law360, Mark Jungers advises that understanding a high-value candidate’s reasoning for making a lateral move should be the primary goal of the recruiting process, particularly when talking with wellestablished partners with years of experience.

“It’s a hard decision [for top candidates] to move firms and, just as it is important for the prospective firm to understand their motivations, they need to know and understand the firm’s motivations,” Mr. Jungers said. “They often make a lot of money and are well taken care of at their firm. There are often few reasons to leave but lots of reasons to stay.”

He continues by saying that laterals aren’t only enticed by money, but instead, the opportunity to do something different such as the chance to lead a practice group or step into a leadership role. Top candidates “don’t want to move for less money, but they are not simply looking for someone to pay them more to move,” Mr. Jungers added. “There needs to be something else – leadership, opportunity to build, something they don’t have.”