The 2023 Lawdragon Global 100 Leaders In Legal Strategy & Consulting

sabina lippman

We are delighted to introduce the 2023 Lawdragon 100 Global Leaders in Strategy and Consulting, our 9th edition of this guide.

These leaders represent the remarkable array of advisors who have helped the legal industry grow into a global business generating hundreds of billions in revenues. From the recruiters who help firms amass armies of top talent, to marketing professionals whose magic creates awareness and to crisis communicators who can spin a narrative that helps some deals live and some trials succeed while others crash and burn.

A part of the mystique of this group is not just their skills, but their ways with top lawyers – a notoriously perspicacious group. While they can be, often justifiably, a bit of know-it-alls, the best legal leaders have evolved to accept advice from those who know their field cold. Those are the strategists and consultants represented here.

To select them, we received a record number of fabulous submissions for what has become an industry standard guide. We combine those with our essential journalistic research into individuals and organizations, an ongoing river that flows through Lawdragon every day of the year. For each big placement, we look for the recruiter who made it; for a trial that gets headlines, we dig for the spinmeister behind it. Finally, we vet candidates with a board of their peers, looking for those whose work represents sustained excellence and respect from competitors.

Lawdragon is an advocate for the importance of inclusion in the legal profession. This guide is 50 percent women and 17 percent inclusive.

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