Mark Jungers Quoted in Law360 on What Makes an Effective Law Firm Leader

In the article, “7 Habits of Highly Effective Law Firm Leaders,” published by Law360, Co-founder Mark Jungers explains how effective law firm leaders sacrifice time for their team and firm in order to ensure the practice is functioning. “Law firm leadership is a difficult job,” says Mr. Jungers. “An effective leader must spend time with his or her troops, and this increased time and travel responsibility is on top of the general burden of running a practice.”

Everyone cannot be an effective leader; however, those who are build a business plan with vision, seek visibility and lead with integrity and positivity. Leaders must be able to develop a business development strategy and focus on ways to achieve firm goals, including where the firm should be in several years and how to improve client service. In addition to business development, building relationships among clients and employees is crucial to maintaining trust and respect within the firm. Attorneys who celebrate victories instead of honing in on the negative set the firm’s culture and boosts morale among the team.

Ultimately, these habits, along with several others, make an effective law firm leader.