Sabina Lippman Offers Insight on Lateral Recruiting in 2016 to The Recorder

As legal industry hiring practices continue to evolve, firms are exploring new avenues in lateral recruiting. Co-founder Sabina Lippman authored an article for The Recorder on what candidates can expect to see in 2016. In “New Year Brings New Perspective on Lateral Recruiting,” Sabina explains that although firms are still willing to take chances on talented people, “firms are now more careful about bestowing star treatment on big producers without significant vetting and integration. Specifically, they’re looking at a potential rainmaker’s ability to deliver on promises.”

Candidates are carefully vetting practices as well, ensuring that firms have solid succession plans and business strategy. “They want to see detailed prospectuses of firms’ financials, and want more insight into how decisions are being made. For example, how many people are involved in bringing in a lateral candidate? Are decisions consensus-based?” says Sabina. “Other issues arise for candidates considering a move from a large firm to a boutique practice.”

So how can firms differentiate and attract major players? Sabina suggests that firms research potential candidates and identify ways they can help grow their practices. “Perhaps the firm has a particular practice that the partner’s clients could tap into, that his or her firm lacks. Maybe the firm has an opportunity to bring the partner in to an attractive leadership position,” suggests Sabina. “The more these avenues can be researched before a firm asks a recruiter to reach out, the more effective the outreach is likely to be.”