Sabina Lippman on Carefully Considering Lateral Moves

In the Recorder article, “Get in the Right Position for a Lateral Move,” Co-Founder and Partner Sabina Lippman explains why lawyers seeking a lateral move should carefully consider where they want to end up. Firms are realizing they need to look beyond business generated, cases won, billing rates and billable hours, and are now looking at personal goods as well. This scrutiny is in large part due to the number of law firms responding to the abundance of malpractice claims against them, primarily because a large percentage are related to new hires.

Ms. Lippman advises attorneys to acknowledge conflicts of interest, recognize any fiduciary duties stated in your current employee agreement, educate yourself on the desired firm’s culture, present an accurate client list, and refrain from departing from firms too soon. Fewer options, increased scrutiny and easier access to an attorney’s professional past all point toward the need for lawyers to become far more diligent in establishing a stellar reputation, as well as far more cautious in considering a lateral move.